Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stock Indicators, A Look at Futures

A quick update on our stock market indicators:
  • Our overbought indicators are still flashing the warning signs we mentioned last week.
  • Our long-term and short-term indicators remain bullish/long.
Overall, we have remained slightly long as the market has continued its rally -- albeit with relatively modest position sizes. Some other market sectors have been helping our portfolio recently -- namely some futures markets.

Gold has been in a sustained trend higher, rising from the mid 900-range (just a few weeks ago), breaking through the 1000 milestone mark -- and is now reaching contract highs around 1020. Gold is poised to spike through to new highs, or may consolidate before continuing its run.

In other futures markets:
  • Sugar is reaching multi-year highs.
  • ECU & Yen strong vs. US dollar.
  • Bonds continue to move higher.
  • Crude oil is volatile as usual, but is trending higher.
  • Grains and meats are generally lower.
  • And as we mentioned, gold is very bullish. Other precious metals and copper are also moving higher.

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