Monday, April 12, 2010

Sports Investing Book # 1

I was asked to help edit a book on "Sports Investing" -- which applies concepts of contrarian investing to the sports marketplace. The book has been holding the # 1 spot in Amazon's "Sports>Gambling" category.

The academic viewpoint will interest everyone from the casual sports bettor trying to improve results - to the professional sports gambler looking for additional angles - to the Wall Street trader researching additional markets to trade.

Public sentiment and betting activity cause the sports marketplace to act irrationally, in a way which can be measured and exploited. The massive flow of public wagers force betting lines to fluctuate like an inefficient market. Point spreads, betting line movement, public betting percentages, money management, statistical analysis, and other important topics are studied. The implementation of contrarian investing – and theories such as "Betting against the Public" and "Smart Money" are developed.

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