Monday, October 25, 2010

Managed Futures: Performance & Diversification

Some of our readers know that our specialty is "alternative investments." We believe that alternative investments such as commodities, managed futures, and other diversifying strategies offer good diversification benefits to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

CARAT Capital was originally started to combine concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory, downside measures of risk, and robust trading systems. CARAT is an acronym for Computer Aided Research & Advanced Technology. Today, all money management activities are handled byAdamah Capital, a firm founded by Carlton Chin, CFA and his long-time friend and associate, George Parr.

Managed Futures have had a nice run over the past several months. Please check out the performance of our Diversified Program, tracked by a third-party firm. Carlton Chin, has a solid longer-term track record. Over time, managed futures have proven to earn returns from opportunities in the futures markets -- that are non-correlated to traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

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