Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trading Systems: Managing the Ebb & Flow of Futures Markets

Here are some excerpts from an article Carlton Chin of Adamah Capital wrote at SeekingAlpha on the recent sharp reversals in the futures markets -- and how trading systems need to find balance between profit opportunities, risk management, and potential losses (drawdown).

...The futures markets (both financials and commodities) -- and in particular, currencies, metals, energy, agriculture, and several softs -- have presented profit opportunities to futures traders. However, after a strong December, early January has seen some sharp reversals in the future markets.


Back in November, we wrote about the sharp reversal in the futures markets. At the time, we saw severe reversals even sharper than this week's moves... However, at the time (back in November), traders had to manage their risk -- and protect profits from potentially severe drops.

Managing the Ebb & Flow of Markets

There is a trade-off between "potential profit opportunities" versus losses -- and a "decline or drawdown" for any trading strategy. In a nutshell, traders must "surf" the waves of the markets -- and manage their positions and strategies through the inevitable "ebbs and flows" of the markets.

There are always risk and return trade-offs, but good research can help traders and investors capture profit opportunities in the financial markets. We have studied and developed trading methodologies that attempt to capture profits while managing risk. Please check out the results in this FX/Forex trading challenge (top few percent). In addition, several of our trading strategies can be tracked at this third-party tracker, Collective2.

We will follow our trading methodologies and continue to monitor and research the markets. Ongoing research and a systematic, disciplined, approach can help put the numbers -- and market action -- on your side.

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