Monday, January 3, 2011

Recent Market Action; Near Top in FX (Forex) Trading Challenge

This continues to be a good period for many markets. Stocks continue to reach recent highs. In addition, the markets we focus on -- futures and commodities -- continue to trend. In particular, the currencies, metals, energies, and agriculturals -- have led to profitable trades. Our trading approaches won't always work -- but we should capture the profit opportunities that present themselves in the futures markets.

We entered a Forex (FX) contest -- and currently rank # 46 out of well over 1000 entrants. The contest has an interesting slant -- and ranks traders by risk-adjusted performance (return / daily standard deviation).

Please click here for a look at the leaderboard:

In addition, several of our programs are tracked on Collective2 as a third-party tracker:

Happy New Year!

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