Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stock Market Systems: Full Steam Ahead (7/12/12)

Our stock market indicators just switched to:  all bullish.  This is a change from our last update of almost a month ago, on June 16th, when our overbought / oversold indicators flashed a "pause" signal when the S&P stood at around 1343.

Since the last update on June 16th, the stock market has been churning and has been fairly volatile (in a range of about 1313-1370), but is relatively unchanged over the entire time period -- and currently stands at 1336.8.  Here is a look at our stock indicators:

  • Our long-term model remains strongly bullish.
  • Our intermediate overbought / oversold indicators are strongly bullish as well. 
  • Our short-term models reflect short-term movements, so we do not typically list the current signal.  
Traders -- including stock index futures traders -- may want to be long in the stock indices.  Long-term investors with an over-allocation to cash may want to put some of that cash to work.  

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