Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stock Market Systems: Reiterate Buy (8/17/12)

It's been a while since our last update from our Stock Market Systems on July 12, 2012 -- so we wanted to re-iterate our systems' Buy signals.  As our readers know, we update the blog whenever there is a change to our main stock market signals (Long-Term or Intermediate-Term Models).  In this case, our signals remain the same -- but we just wanted to check in and re-iterate the Buy signals.

On July 12, the S&P stood at 1336.8.  Our models kept us generally long -- and today, the S&P closed at 1415.5, reaching recent highs.  Our models remain long -- and we will make a blog post on a material change to our models' signals.

In the futures markets, after gains over the last few months, several markets have been in a consolidation phase (such as currencies, precious metals).  Grains have been choppy, although generally higher due to this year's drought.

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