Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Look-Ahead at Stock Signals 2/1/11

Our stock market indicators last changed signals on January 14th.  In that blog post, our intermediate stock indicators went flat (at S&P 1293) from a moderately-long position.  Since that time, the stock market had grudgingly moved higher, until Friday's steep decline.  With the market's bounceback yesterday -- and rise early in today's trading (S&P currently at 1301.5), our intermediate indicators have changed to very slightly bearish (not a huge signal change, but notable).

Interestingly, a look-ahead at the model's signals points to a bullish call in a few days, but that is dependent on stock market action.  Keep an eye on our blog for updated information.  Our long-term model remains strongly bullish.  In addition, short-term market direction will help dictate our overall stock index futures position.

The stock market has been relatively quiet -- especially to the upside -- in recent weeks.  The market has generally moved steadily higher, although it has hit some resistance at the 1300 level on the S&P 500.  Our z-Trader Short-Term System, tracked at Collective2, applies the results of these stock market models to the S&P and/or E-Mini contracts.  Because the market has had this "grudging" rise with resistance near 1300, the system has also been flattish.

The Short-Term System trades larger, more volatile, markets such as the S&P, energy, metals, and financials.

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